Atlantis Physical Therapy

Update on Coronavirus – June 17, 2020


We are glad to be welcoming back our patients during this challenging time.  We want to assure you, we are doing everything possible to ensure your safety and that of our staff.   First and foremost, we have completed a course to increase our knowledge about the actions needed to proactively develop proper screening and prevention methods for the clinic.  In addition, we are continually monitoring updates and information from the CDC and other health agencies to in order to stay on top of the current science and any guidance needed to expand on our protocols.



Some of the actions we have taken include:

  1. Pre-screening of all patients
  2. Touchless hand sanitization in the clinic
  3. Requirement to wear masks
  4. Social distancing in waiting room and gym area. (Patients may wait in the car and be called for their appointment)
  5. Extensive cleaning of all equipment and materials after patient/therapist contact.
  6. Plastic particians for the front office and between gym equipment.
  7. Use of private rooms for exercises after therapy session

We understand the concerns you may have about scheduling an appointment.  We welcome your calls to discuss your situation and how we can best address your needs.  We are here to help.

UPDATE – March 30

Now Offering Telehealth

We are living in uncertain times and we miss seeing you. We are happy to announce that we are now able to offer Telehealth services to continue taking care of you. Currently, Medicare and most major health plans will pay for these “E-Visits.”  The visits can be done by:
  • Chatting on the Phone
  • Smart Phone (Android/Apple)
  • Computer/Tablet/IPad
  • Skype/FaceTime/What’sApp

We’ll figure out what works best together.

The E-Visits will basically allow us to:

  • Check-in with you to discuss your current condition.
  • Provide education.
  • Review/Monitor your progress and home exercise program (no excuse now not to do them).
  • Suggest activities that can be done at home.

Need a Quick Visit?

In addition, if you need to come in quickly to see us for a manual visit we can schedule those without additional treatments or exercises to minimize your time in the clinic.  We are practicing social distancing along with following all the CDC guidelines.  You can read about that further down if you have not seen previous updates.

Home Health Visits

In certain situations we will be offering Home Health Visits.  Please call to discuss our needs and if this will be an option that makes sense.

If you are in pain? have questions? just need a little help and reassurance…we are glad we can now be there for you without coming into the office.

Please call us to discuss your unique situation and how we can help. Most importantly be safe and well.

As this is a fluid situation we will be posting updates on our Website and Facebook.

We appreciate your understanding.  We are here to help you.


UPDATE – March 20

Atlantis Physical Therapy, we take our patients’ health and safety very seriously. You may have some growing concerns about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), especially in light of the recent statements from Governor Newsom. The good news is that our clinics are considered a low risk of exposure.

In regards to seniors, the Governor clearly stated that his request for those over 65 years of age to self-quarantine was advisory and voluntary. He made the point that the businesses he has asked to close such as bars and nightclubs are “non-essential.” Medically indicated physical therapy is not in the category of “non-essential” services.

It is up to the patient who may be over 65, with the guidance of their physical therapist, to decide if a therapy visit is “non-essential.” If the patient (and PT) deems the visit essential he/she is exercising the prerogative to receive the healthcare they need.

Currently, government officials trust the skill and expertise of medically-licensed health professionals including PTs to make the right call, especially with seniors who may have other underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk for infection. In fact, we have already called many to have this discussion, take necessary precautions, and make adjustments or alternative plans, if necessary.

We understand the seriousness and changing nature of this health situation. We will be waiving all cancellation fees.

To reassure our patients, our practice is taking the following steps to address patient and staff safety during the Coronavirus outbreak:

  • We are screening new patients on the phone by:
    • Asking if they have been in one of the risk zones in the past 30 days or have been in close contact with someone who has been in those areas and were sick. Zones include China, Italy, Iran, South Korea.
    • If so and no symptoms, we ask they stay home for 14 days from until last exposure and then call back.
    • If so with symptoms, we tell them to contact the doctor and not come in until cleared.
    • Asking if they are sick, have a fever or cough
    • If so, have they seen a doctor and been cleared as non-contagious.
    • If not, we ask that they stay home until cleared by a doctor until symptoms are gone.
  • We are asking all existing patients who come into the office these same questions.
  • We are advising patients who answer yes to questions above to see their doctor and reschedule appointments.
  • We have placed signs in the office reminding people to wash hands and not touch their face with unwashed hands.
  • We already maintain a clean environment, but we have increased our cleaning frequency to take extra precautions.
  • We offer patients wipes and hand sanitizers.
  • We wash hands before and after contact with any patient.
  • We have increased sanitize equipment and surfaces patients contact throughout the day.
  • We are keeping patients separate from each other as much as possible.
  • We have reviewed and updated our Safety and Health policies and practices with guidance from the CDC, OSHA, and our local health departments.
  • We have reminded all staff members to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, particularly after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing their nose, coughing or sneezing.
  • We are telling our sick staff members to stay at home and any staff members who are ill will be sent home.We are committed to making our clinic a safe and healthy environment for all. Let us know if you have questions. If you are concerned for any reason or have any questions, please call our office and speak with your therapist (or leave a message so your therapist can call you back).

Please check back for further updates a new we learn new information.  Please call us with any questions or concerns at (310) 325-7404.