Atlantis Physical Therapy

Work Injury Management

Atlantis Works is our work injury management program dedicated to ergonomic safety in the workplace and effective management in returning injured workers to safe work. The program utilizes the full continuum of Isernhagen work system programs to safely match the worker to appropriate work.

The mission of Atlantis Works is to work closely with payors, employers, employees and medical staff to provide a total program of prevention, work place evaluation, job analysis and rehabilitation to assure a safe and productive work environment.

Services Offered
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation This work related evaluation assesses a worker’s ability to do a specific job or activity and aids in developing a safe return-to-work-program, the test is safe, reliable and provides specific and objective information.
  • Prework Screenings ADA compliant screenings insure a safe match of a worker to do the work.
  • Ergonomic & Functional Job Analysis These evaluations accurately determine the critical job demands and assist in recognizing potential ergonomic problems resulting in job modifications if needed.
  • Prevention Programs Workers are instructed on safe ways to interact with their environment and to perform the critical demands of their jobs. Education helps employees understand and solve problems, thereby eliminating potential risks.
  • Work Conditioning Work conditioning and work simulation prepare the injured worker for return to work and specifically trains them to meet the critical demands of their jobs.
  • Acute Rehabilitation Access to immediate physical and occupational therapy is provided. This allows the injured worker to receive crucial treatment that will prepare him or her for safe return to work.

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