Fall Prevention: Know the Risks

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At Atlantis PT, several factors are considered when working with a patient who comes to us as a fall risk. We test the status of the individual for four important areas:

  • STRENGTH:  stomach, back, and legs
  • BALANCE: standing still and moving
  • COORDINATION:  quickness and accuracy
  • COGNITION: brain performance for memory and processing speed

Other factors such as posture and joint flexibility are important also. We discuss a number of other issues that can contribute to falls including eyesight, medications, home assessment for risks and fear. 


Our basic belief is that all persons have the capability to improve their existing condition. Progress will likely be a gradual step-by-step process. To achieve the best results for each patient, we must first know their abilities and limitations. Then, a personalized plan is constructed with that person’s input, challenging them at a level to which they are able to perform safely.  Below are a few of the tools we use specifically for balance that allow us to set the standard for care in the community.

Harness for Balance Training Elderly Fall Prevention Atlantis Physical Therapy Torrance A series of straps and bands that form a restraining system to ensure patients stay upright. Patients feel safer when they know they can walk without risk.
Shuttle Balance
shuttle balance elderly fall gait posture atlantis physical therapy torrance south bay redondo beach palso verdes rolling hills gardena carson wilmington san pedro lomita A standing platform suspended by chains that is used to challenge a person’s balance. Settings can be changed to challege a person’s balance as they progress.
"smartfit An interactive, engaging, and fun dual-task training system to increase brain performance combining cognitive and motor skills. Scalable for all skill levels.

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