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I used to be very active and worked out, hard, 3-5 times/wk. Age is catching up with me and now for the last two years, I have been in pain and agony. My pain is on my left side, specifically, in my lower back, hip, quad & shin. Ruth (the owner) and the staff at Atlantis PT came highly recommended by a colleague.

I made three consecutive appointments with Ruth, for the first week, Mon., Wed & Fri. By Friday, the nagging pain in my shin and hip went away. Ruth gave me some stretches/exercised to do at home and when it flairs up, I do the stretches & it works! My piriformis says, ahhhh! YAY!

This is the best Physical Therapy Center bar none! Take my word for it. I've been to 10 or more physical therapy offices in the Torrance area during the last 20 years. Many have great reputations, but they can't compete with Atlantis.

Here's why:

  1. Atlantis is a Mom & Pop organization. They have great management and control over their operations.
  2. The care and treatment are exceptional. The owners are P.T's, and they have a seasoned staff that is a pleasure to work with.
  3. They go the extra mile for the patient with no hassle, no fuss. They are there for you...period.
  4. Their competency, care and concern, and compassion earn them an "outstanding" grade because they make you feel valued and appreciated like family.
  5. They get results beyond their expertise because they listen to patient feedback and do everything possible to get you better.

Atlantis is the best!

Love this place. Everyone's like family to me, they've helped me so much with my knee. Always eager to help everyone.

This place is simply amazing. The staff is very professional and friendly. Every employee here carries themselves with great pride and the knowledge of knowing what they do. They show and act with TONS of experience. BUT THE BEST PART IS THEY TREATED ME AS IF I WAS FAMILY!!!! Which always makes me feel great. I recommend this place to anyone. FIVE STARS AND TWO THUMBS UP!!!

The staff here is wonderful! They worked their butts off to help me with my insurance! They are kind and professional and they really do treat you like family!

I have been a patient of Atlantis Physical Therapy for many years on an as-needed basis for the management of Rheumatological disorders that affect different parts of my body. These are chronic autoimmune disorders. I have NEVER taken steroid medication for inflammatory symptoms.

Michael Louis treats me with physical therapy, ultrasound, and myofascial release.

Through the years of my care, I have had severe shoulder impairment, chest wall rib pain, chronic inflammation in the neck, spine, and knees. Michael and his team of professionals at Atlantis Physical Therapy have prevented me from having to undergo surgery.

Their staff is warm and professional. They welcome you, and I have referred many friends and family.

I have visited Atlantis Physical Therapy on two occasions during the past 3 years, both for sports-related injuries. Although the injuries were mild in nature, my orthopedic doctor recommended few Physical Therapy sessions to ensure proper healing and to prevent future recurrences. I liked the facility and personnel at the Atlantis PT in general-friendly staff, bright, clean and adequate space/equipment for all patients.

Mike K. and Ruth K. were my therapists and I had very pleasant experiences with both. They are conscientious therapists who are personable, thorough, and caring. They never rush patients through a session, and always ensure that each therapy session achieves anticipated progress. As with any PT office, some therapists are better than others in demonstrating their passion for caring for people, but I believe the majority of the personnel at Atlantis (PT and the Aides) have a genuine interest in helping people and conduct themselves as professional healers.

If you experienced some difficulty in appointments and billing in the past (as some of us reviewers had in the past), I encourage you to consider Atlantis again and give them another chance, because I saw some improvements in both areas when I visited them the second time. Ruth K. (one of the owners) continuously tries to improve the Atlantis' day-to-day operations and correct any problems the patients may be experiencing, so I hope the other patients also see the positive results from the Atlantis' effort when they visit the facility in the future!

I began receiving physical therapy treatments at Atlantis Physical Therapy in 2004 for serious mobility issues. I was completely satisfied with the treatment regime that I received from all the very capable and astute Atlantis staff members and successfully completed my treatment program.

In December of 2013, I began experiencing frequent episodes of recurring pain due to compensation from muscle spasms, disease and decreased mobility. I immediately contacted the Atlantis Physical Therapy office. I was relieved to know that Atlantis had continued to operate their miraculous therapy center. Ruth Kurihara, an experienced therapist and co-owner of Atlantis Physical Therapy, was again available to administer my treatment regime.

Ruth cautiously planned and administered a very successful treatment care plan for me. The assigned core strengthening, range of motion, soft tissue, joint stretching and strengthening, with the accompanying application of improved body mechanics modalities enabled me to return to full independence. I am now enjoying my improved mobility without experiencing increased episodes of pain. Ruth Kurihara is a skillful and conscientious therapist with many years of experience. Ruth emulates everything that is a "dedicated health professional". The staff members are caring and most helpful to all who enter their establishment. I highly recommend Atlantis Physical Therapy to all my family and friends who are seeking a positive and successful therapeutic environment.

Atlantis Physical Therapy has given me hope and strength in so many ways. I am in my early 70's and am facing two tired knees that have changed the way I live drastically. I came to Atlantis to see how I could heal at such an age. The first thing that the staff at Atlantis gave me was hope. I am in the process of strengthening my knees in preparation for two knee replacements. Every time I have a session with Atlantis I am able to walk to my car with no problem. The reason I am writing this review is to encourage everyone, especially seniors, to not give up on healing their bodies, minds and souls. There are people out there who care and who can help. Atlantis is the group of well-being specialists who have shown me this in many ways.

Ruth Kurihara, one of the lead physical therapists, has what I call a "healing touch". She also is someone who has a very warm heart and shows much compassion while working with me. She is right at my side and helps me feel like I am strong and will have a comfortable and pain-free life. The whole staff is professional and compassionate from the front desk to the acupuncturist who always has a nice smile for me. This group of health practitioners is the most experienced in the South Bay of Los Angeles. You can visit them for an entire day getting massages, acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, and learn more about women's health and how to play a better game of golf. They also have programs that teach us how to be proactive with our health and fitness. I am grateful for working with such an experienced and giving group of people and want my friends and people looking for physical therapy and what I call a "well-being" clinic to know that they are in excellent hands with his company. They have not been around for 32 years for no reason! Thank you Atlantis!