Golf Fitness

  • Do you have pain during or after golf?
  • Do you get tired towards the end of your round of golf?
  • Do you want to improve your balance with a solid foundation for more consistency and power?
  • Do you want more distance through generating increased clubhead speed?

What is Golf Fit Performance?

An initial evaluation determines physical deficits and limitations which could prevent an individual to develop a consistent and pure golf swing. Improper posture and alignment could lead to compensatory movement strategies which could lead to injury due to the repetitive nature of the golf swing.

Following the initial evaluation and golf screen, we can now address each individuals physical, restrictions or deficits through training techniques tour professionals perform to improve their golf fitness and conditioning.

Learn to improve your range of motion, flexibility, balance, functional, strength, core strength, agility/coordination, speed work, to build a solid foundation necessary to transfer energy from ground reaction forces through your feet into your body, arms, and hands through the clubhead with golf specific training and conditioning.

Proper training will allow an individual to maintain their range in motion and flexibility necessary to create speed in the golf swing which equates to increased distance. Improved balance necessary for consistency and generating power in the golf swing.


Initial Physical Evaluation and Golf Screen Assessment

(1) 60 minute Golf Fit training session

(3) 60 minute Golf Fit training sessions

(6) 60 minute Golf Fit training sessions

(10) 60 minute Golf Fit training sessions