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Keep your brain young and healthy at any age. Our science-based program combines state-of-the art interactive training with a healthy living program. It is fun yet, challenging. Adaptable to any skill level.

Atlantis Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive approach to Brain Health and Fitness that is based on the most current evidence-based science combined with years of clinical expertise. In fact, the latest research and new technologies are allowing us to be a leader in the South Bay and the Southern California region by offering both evaluations and treatment options in an outpatient setting that have not been available until recently.

Our customized programs are able to address a wide array of issues and meet the rehab needs from youth to seniors in a fun, engaging, and challenging manner that are designed to increase the neuroplasticity of the brain. Our patients actually look forward to coming to therapy.

According to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a nationally acclaimed neurosurgeon, and chief medical correspondent at CNN, "neuroplasticity is not just a buzzword or a scientific concept. It's a reality that we can all harness to improve our brain health and cognitive function. By engaging in activities that challenge our brains and by adopting a healthy lifestyle, we can promote neuroplasticity and enhance our brain's capacity to learn, remember, and think."

Below is a sampling of conditions that we are able to address:
  • Cognitive Ability/Mild Cognitive Impairment
  • Memory
  • Executive Function
  • Attention Span
  • Concussion/TBI
  • Sports Performance
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders
  • Vestibular Issues
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Covid-19 Recovery

Our program has two primary components. The first is a web-based screening tool to establish a baseline measurement and identify areas of focus for improvement. The second stage is the treatment/rehab portion in our innovative Brain Fitness Gym that focuses on dual-task training and motor-cognitive exercises featuring SMARTFit technology.

An Engaging and Scientifically-Validated Cognitive Assessment Platform

To start the process, Atlantis Physical Therapy uses a leading cognitive assessment platform, Creyos Brain Sciences (CBS Health), to quickly measure brain health. This online service is engaging and enjoyable. It produces a reliable and scientifically validated cognitive assessment report in a short time frame. Often, it can be completed in the comfort of your home.

We use this system to assess, monitor, and manage core areas of cognition to ensure that your training and physical therapy program is on the right track.

The CBS Health tasks have been validated by decades of scientific research, and are proven to measure the most important aspects of cognition. Performance is directly linked with the areas of your brain that are active when you’re at your sharpest. But more importantly, the tasks are fun, and only take 1.5 - 3 minutes each to complete. Now, not only will you feel better, but you can objectively track how your brain is responding.

To learn more about our CBS Health Assessment Screening Click Here.

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(Note: This is an online test hosted on the CBS Site)

SMARTfit - Gamified neuromotor dual task training to increase neuroplasticity

Ludofit - Balance, motor & cognitive training

Blaze Pod - Interactive dual task motor and cognitive training

SMARTfit Technology Helps Improve Physical Performance and Brain Health with Dual-Tasking

The SMARTfit Physical Therapy program puts a focus on improving motor and cognitive outcomes, both independently and simultaneously. It can aid in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological conditions in an integrated manner, eliminating the mind-body dualism most approaches are based in. By leveraging the most cutting-edge methodologies in rehabilitation, we can no implement dual-tasking, optimal motor learning, gamified rehab, and target-based movement in application to anything from post-operative knee surgeries to traumatic brain injuries.

  • Measure - Repair - Prevent - Slow - Perform
  • Measure – Cognitive Function While Moving
  • Repair – Orthopedic/Neuro Rehab, Autism Spectrum, Stroke and Vestibular Health
  • Prevent – Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, Falls in Older Adults, Loss of ADL’s
  • Slow – Onset of Parkinson’s, MCI, dementia, the loss of ADL’s (activities of daily living)
  • Perform – Improve ADL’s, return-to-play sports, orthopedic rehab

SMARTfit Dual Task Training

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Medicare and most major PPOs will pay for these services. Please inquire about cash courtesy pricing.