SMARTfit Dual Task Training

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The SMARTfit program used by Atlantis Physical Therapy addresses a variety of patient needs that may arise in our rehabilitation program. Patients perform exercises that may improve cognitive, vestibular, motor, and visual function. As a result, programming may now efficiently integrate the brain and body, whereas many therapies focus on these systems in isolation.

Early and evolving research continues to demonstrate the efficacy of cognitive-motor, dual-task, and cognitively-enhanced exercise programs, touting their potential benefits in both cognitive and motor outcomes. SMARTfit achieves this while delivering customized, scalable and evidence-based programming and reporting for progress and performance.

Brain research continues to confirm the concept of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change, adapt, and even rewire itself when challenged to do so. Science is also confirming that exercise which simultaneously engages the full body and multiple senses (eyes, ears, feet, hands and vestibular system) requires more complex cognitive function to make decisions and execute skills. Neuroplasticity kicks in naturally, the brain adapts, skills develop and performance improves.

In fact, neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent, had a recent conversation with NPR discussing his new book Staying Sharp. He had this to say about how the thinking about brain cell regeneration has changed recently.

What we've come to understand over the last decade is that even outside of those two conditions - just a normal life without an injury or as an adult - you can still grow new brain cells. That was a really pretty significant thing.

- Dr. Sanjay Gupta
CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

"We long believed that brain cells - neurons - would only sort of continue to develop or go through this neurogenesis (new brain cell development) process at two different times, really: when you were very young and still developing your brain as a baby or if you've had some sort of injury," Dr. Gupta said. "And at that point, the brain may start to either recruit new brain cells or even grow new brain cells.

This dual-tasking journey starts with a game that triggers the desire to play. Then, through highly engaging repetition powered by the desire to achieve, it rapidly evolves into skilled action without conscious thought (automaticity). SMARTfit’s target screens naturally draw focus, decision-making and motor interaction into skill development at any level.

This revolutionary cognitive-motor training system measures and trains an individual’s cognitive-motor abilities. The system is designed to address a variety of populations including sports performance, youth education, neuro rehab, brain health and active aging fitness

SMARTfit Dual Task Training

Measure - Repair - Prevent - Slow - Perform

  • Measure – Cognitive Function While Moving
  • Repair – Orthopedic/Neuro Rehab, Autism Spectrum, Stroke and Vestibular Health
  • Prevent – Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, Falls in Older Adults, Loss of ADL’s
  • Slow – Onset of Parkinson’s, MCI, dementia, the loss of ADL’s (activities of daily living)
  • Perform – Improve ADL’s, return-to-play sports, orthopedic rehab

SMARTfit is fun, engaging and motivating and meets the needs of a variety of groups:

Active Aging – It’s never too late to slow cognitive decline.

Cognitive decline and the risk of falls have always been top concerns for you and your families. COVID-19 has elevated those concerns and added others including social isolation and depression, creating even greater risk to your health.

SMARTfit is the industry leader in the growing fields of Brain Health, Cognitive-Motor Training, and Dual Task Assessment and Training for older adults. Scientifically proven to produce fast results, SMARTfit’s Dual Task Training Technology engages and enables you with testing and programming designed by renowned experts Neuro Physical Therapist Mike Studer and Brain Health Coach Ryan Glatt.

  • Maintain Quality of Life
  • Improve Balance & Stability
  • Improve Mobility and Motor Skills
  • Improve Memory and Cognitive Problem Solving
  • Recover Quickly from a Physical Setback

Sports Performance – Develop Your Speed – Reaction - Agility

SMARTfit programming is the result of clinical research and collaboration with professional athhletes and trainers. This system of visual-cognitive-motor training helps athletesto compete in an elevated state of physical performance and mental concentration.

SMARTfit systems have been added to the training workflows of serious athletic programs including the Los Angeles Lakers and the University of Southern California. Adding visual-cognitive-motor-training programs helps to reconnect the brain/body connection with captivating, interacrtive gaming technology.

  • Improves cognitive performance and physical performance
  • High-level engagement through gameplay
  • Developed for the competitive athlete
  • Train the brain to function efficiently while challenging the body
  • Multisensory stimulation.

Neuro Rehab - First Ever: Vision + Cognitive + Motor Training

SMARTfit neuro rehab program is designed to address a variety of neurological conditions in patients with acute and chronic neurological conditions including stroke, concussion, and MCI. Developed by industry experts these exercises can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client and incorporated into traditional rehabilitation therapies.

SMARTfit empowers therapists with science and technology while leaving the artful and individualized approach to rehabilitation with our highly-skilled physical and occupational therapist. This is further supported by SMARTFit’s tools for scalability and validating programs and their progress for individual patients or groups of rehab-oriented populations.