Patient Spotlight: Nearly 100 Years Old and Going Strong – Dorothy’s Story

Dorothy came to Atlantis Physical Therapy a couple of months ago after a fall. She celebrated her 100th birthday in early November. She credits her longevity to staying active over the years and regularly exercising. She also sites chocolate, wine, and blueberries, along with good genes, as factors contributing to her overall health.

She says that Atlantis has helped her with balance, which was her downfall, and walking which is very important. Every day at home she does a series of stretches and strengthening for her arms and legs to further her improvement. Dorothy likes coming to Atlantis because it gets her out of the house and allows her to be around people and feel good about herself.

She says “coming to PT improves your spirit and your attitude because there is such good help.” She also encourages others to give it a try. “I see the people at my facility at home that don’t do that much or try very hard and I encourage them that they can do more. Some are just plain afraid. You have to have a little confidence and not do something foolish. It is helpful to come to a place like this.”

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