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Is your bladder in control, or are you?

Have you ever wondered: Is it normal to leak when you laugh or cough? Do you sometimes find yourself rushing to the restroom only to realize you did not really need to go at all?

These are very valid and important questions at least 50% of all women and some men ask themselves every day. However, is it normal? The answer is a simple “No.”

These may be signs of stress incontinence where leakage occurs with activity; such as, laughing or when moving from sit to stand. Urge incontinence is another type of incontinence that causes that feeling of needing to rush to the restroom when you really did not need to go. It is even possible to have a combination of the two called mixed incontinence.

Whichever the case may be, there is great news! A Physical Therapist trained in this specialty can help! I’ve treated patients throughout their lifespan from age 16 to 98 years. Provided patients keep up with their home exercise program, there is a very high success rate! One of the joys of my work is providing people with the skills to help heal themselves, reduce or eliminate the wearing of protective pads, and enjoy life again without the fear of an accident or rushing to the restroom.

Special one on one training in proper pelvic floor exercises, urge suppression techniques, core strengthening, and even Biofeedback, as needed, can be very beneficial to help alleviate these life-limiting issues and in some cases even cure it! Our Women’s Health program addresses issues for women of all stages in their life.

We at Atlantis are all sending good thoughts to everyone during these challenging and unprecedented times. Please be safe and take care!

Best always,

Karyn Campbell, MPT, WCS

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